FLOTE in MedTech Idol

This is our 1 minute video submission to get from the final 10 to the final 4 at MedTech Idol 2013 (more info at http://www.medtechidol.com )


We have proven surgical evidence of the device's efficacy, as well as patient benefits and outcomes.

The key benefit is significant reduction in length of hospital stay and recovery period.

Typical length of stay is 2 days versus a more normal 6-7 days - in fact 30% of patients go home 'next day'.

We are looking for investors/partners with a shared vision to help us exploit this technology and disseminate the DAA procedure world-wide.

We are particularly looking for funding for working capital to finance our ambitious US expansion plans over the next 2 years.

We have identified 3 distinct phases of business growth opportunity associated with our unique and patented innovation;

  1. ADOPTION - by naturally 'early adopters' and pioneering surgeons with a clear patient centred perspective
  2. DIFFUSION - more widely into larger scale clinical and hospital and healthcare systems
  3. DEMONSTRATION - to overcome natural resistance to adoption of this technique we believe that there significant opportunities to develop a global network of focused 'joint replacement demonstrators/centres of excellence'