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As announced at the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) annual meeting in Manchester, the NHS National Innovation Centre (NIC) is sponsoring a programme of clinical trials at 10 hospitals and surgical centres across England - ideally with at least 2 participating surgeons at each FLOTE_MASTERcentre.

DAA Hip Replacement is believed to offer significant benefits to patients, surgeons and the hospital system but there are some barriers to adoption to be overcome before it can become more widely adopted across the UK.

We are seeking both experienced DAA surgeons as well as surgeons with no experience of DAA but who would like to learn and participate in the evaluation and detailed reporting of all of the issues involved in adopting a 'new' surgical technique across England.  The overall objective being the quantification of the whole surgeon and patient experience and the comparative healthcare economics.  The selected surgeons will participate in the whole shared experience and the collected findings will be published in a national report from the NIC, with appropriate recommendations for the future.

NIC will fund the necessary FLOTE and other equipment, training and reporting time and expenses for each surgeon participating.

We are seeking expressions of interest at this stage.


If you would like more information and/or are interested in participating in the 'early adopters' clinical trials you can contact us direct to discuss it further or, better still, fill in the form below:

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