What is FLOTE?

FLOTE is a compact, lightweight, portable instrument that attaches to the end of any standard operating table.

CE compliant and deliberately 'low-tech' for reliability and cost, whilst being an efficient and clever design, it is self-contained and provides the surgeon (and technician) with simple control of the leg positioning required during the DAA hip replacement procedure - allowing the hip to be flexed, extended/distracted, abducted, adducted, rotated and reduced. It requires little strength and only a little training to operate successfully, under the control of the surgeon.
Any normal hip implant set can be used, regardless of manufacturer.

FLOTE can be packed away into a transit case which will fit in the back of a modest car. It can be wheeled into hospital and assembled commissioned, ready for demonstration or surgery, in 15 minutes. Once assembled it can readily be moved around on its own wheels and be moved from theatre to theatre and attached to the operating table for the next case.

  • It simplifies a difficult procedure for the surgeon

  • Brings DAA into the same time frame as ‘traditional’ hip replacements - 45mins

  • A light, ‘bolt’on’ accessory for any operating table

  • Allows an un-scrubbed technician to manipulate the patient’s leg as required by the surgeon

  • Provides traction, adduction, abduction, raising, lowering, rotation in a stable, controlled, repeatable manner

  • Provides for complete intraoperation imaging (X-ray)

  • Allows full trial and final joint reduction with controlled flex and stability checks

  • British design and manufacture

  • Clever design but simple technology - for reliability & cost

  • Patent with 22 novel features claimed

Functional Specifications

Leg can be raised 200 mm above the mean position of the table

By release of beam locking mechanism and manually applying the required force -

Gas spring assistance.

Traction force of up to 200 N cna be applied (neutral leg position)

By rotation of handle

(beam must be locked and traction enabled or traveller locked)

A traction free mode will be available at all times

By release of locking lever

(to ensure no traction is applied whilst making other movements i.e lowering leg)

Leg can be moved out by up to 250mm (neutral leg position)


(a central position lock may have to be released to achieve this)

Leg can be lowered near to floor level

By release of beam locking mechanism and manually applying the required force -

Gas spring assistance

Foot rotation of up to +/- 180 degrees can be applied at any time Manual, by operation lever, with locking clamp system to hold desired rotation position
Foot rotation release Release may be controlled by friction clamp
In the lowered leg position adduction can be achieved Manual
Adduction must be released before the beam/foot and be raised.  


Basic Dimensions

Table Height Max 914mm
  Min 680mm
Crotch to foot Max 975mm
  Min 640mm
Traction Range 100mm