Patients that have undergone DAA hip replacement typically experience the following benefits:

  • Minimal post-operative pain – with any pain subsiding within hours of surgery

  • Shorter/quicker rehabilitation – usually starts within hours of surgery

  • Shorter hospital stay ('LOS') – many go home the day after surgery

  • Small, single incision scar – typically 6-7 cm

  • Reduction in blood loss duringsurgery

  • Elimination of limping – minimised muscle and nerve damage

  • Reduced risk of dislocation – dislocation is usually associated with posterior hip structure damage – not touched in this procedure

  • Quicker return to 'normal life' – a consequence of all of the above


Just see what this American patient has to say about her experience - having had experience of both procedures:


For example, this gentlemen was ready to go home only 6 hours after surgery:

And this lady was pain free only 45 minutes after surgery: